Mega Slam Hoops - Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops

Dunk Proof 180° Pro Rim® Hoops

The pro-style basketball rim offers break-away action from a full 180°. Directional Flex® Technology allows for slam dunks in all directions. Safer ring with a recessed hideaway basketball net attachment to protect your hands when dunking (Patent pending). The ability to dunk on basketball units for your garden might not seem important, but hanging on a flexed rim is an awesome experience.

"Now this is a true breakaway rim, I've got the whole family hanging on it and we're not gonna experience any backboard failure."

Coach Maitland

Game On With Game Light

Light up the night with the awesome Game Light from Mega Slam Hoops, the best lighting for home basketball courts. The Game Light is compatible with both the Mega Slam 72 and Mega Slam 60. Learn more about lighting a home basketball court.

Basketball Hoops FAQ

What makes Mega Slam Hoops the best choice?

Mega Slam Hoops build the highest-quality residential basketball equipment in the world. Incorporating superior materials and advanced engineering techniques to deliver a truly heavy duty product that will stand the test of time. At OnCourt we view Mega Slam Hoops as the best adjustable basketball hoops available and the only hoops we install with our courts.
Mega Slam systems are not cheap and this is with good reason, here's a few things to consider before you buy a cheap basketball hoop.

Which Mega Slam Hoop should I choose?

Choosing the best hoop for all your needs depends on the size of your playing area and your budget. Since all Mega Slam Hoop products are designed to last a lifetime, it’s only a matter of regulation sized 72″ backboard or the slightly smaller, and less expensive 60″ model.

Can Mega Slam Hoops be installed indoors?

So long as it's possible to excavate the ground, to install the concrete for the anchor assembly, then it's perfectly possible to install Mega Slam Hoops indoors. If you can't dig and install the recommended ground for the anchor, speak with a structural engineer for a solution. Paul Gudde's basketball gym in Germany installed systems indoors with the help of a structural engineer to ensure safety.

Paul Gudde Indoor Mega Slam Hoops - OnCourt

Jamie 'Velocity' Reynolds recently installed a MegaSlam 72 indoors at the Velocity Gym in Birmingham UK.

Indoor Mega Slam Hoops Installation at Velocity Gym

What is the adjustable height range on Mega Slam Hoops?

Mega Slam adjustable basketball systems are made for all ages and skill levels. The height range can be adjusted anywhere from 1.5m to 3.04m. Both systems incorporate a safety pin which when engaged, will prevent the hoops from lowering beyond 2.28m.
Height Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Is DIY installation possible with a Mega Slam Hoop?

You can install your own Mega Slam hoop or find a professional to help you. The backboards and basketball systems are heavy, so if you’re up for the challenge of installing it yourself, make sure you have some friends along to help you get the job done.

Learn more about installing a Mega Slam Hoop or contact to arrange an installation.

How do I maintain my Mega Slam Hoop?

Mega Slam goals are genuinely all weather basketball hoops. It’s easy to maintaining your new Mega Slam basketball system:

(1) Keep any organic materials (grass clippings, garbage, etc.) away from the steel pole or base plate to prevent any rust penetrating the powder-coat finish.

(2) Clean the backboard periodically with water or a household glass cleaner and use a soft cotton cloth or paper towels.

(3) If you do see any signs of rust on the system just remove the loose paint, gently sand the area, and apply outdoor enamel gloss paint to the affected area.

What happens if the backboard breaks?

Mega Slam backboards are tough but accidents do happen.
We’ve got your backboards covered with the Mega Slam Hoops No Break Backboard Protection Plan.

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Lifetime Warranty

Systems are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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Add A Surface To Create The Ultimate Basketball Court

Choose between the 72 and 60" Mega Slam models and add a Versacourt Modular basketball court surface and your choice of accessories. The ultimate home hoops with the ultimate outdoor basketball flooring.

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