MegaSlam 72


The mammoth MegaSlam 72″ Basketball Hoop System is hands down the best height adjustable basketball hoop available. Heavy-duty dunk-proof hardware backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Game Light

Introducing the Game Light® from Mega Slam Hoops. A powerful LED lighting system that lights up your basketball court without drawing a foul on your energy bill.

Audio Bracket

“My swag was phenomenal.” ― Gilbert Arenas Give your hoop swag like Gilbert’s with the Mega Slam Audio Bracket. Compatible with both the Mega Slam 60 & 72 models, the Audio Bracket houses 2 Bose 251 Environment Speakers (not included) for incredible OnCourt sounds.

Net Protect

With the Net Protect® netting system, you keep more missed shots on the court. Net Protect® makes a safer game for everyone by stopping the need for chasing balls into the street or landscaping all day long. Made for both the MegaSlam 60 and MegaSlam 72 models (Patent pending.)

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The Ultimate Home Basketball Hoop From Mega Slam Hoops

The MegaSlam 72 is so pro it should be in a stadium. The best height-adjustable outdoor hoop available in the UK with the most features. Standing on an 8″ x 6″ monster-sized main pole, The dunk-proof MegaSlam 72 is built for a lifetime of slamming!

Mega Slam Hoops Game Light - OnCourt Online
MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - Pro Rim Directional Flex

180° Pro Basketball Rim® Upgrade As Standard

The pro-style basketball rim offers break-away action from a full 180°. Directional Flex® Technology allows for slam dunks in all directions. Recessed Hideaway Net® attachment protects your hands when jamming. (Patent pending.)

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - Reglulation 72 inch backboard

72″ Regulation Size Backboard

½-inch thick tempered glass regulation size backboard provides maximum ball response. Unlike cheap basketball hoops with acrylic backboards, the MegaSlam 72 backboard won’t shake or shudder. The clear-view backboard design ensures the all important unobstructed view of a pro basketball hoop.

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - Easy Height Adjustment

Easy Hoop Height Adjustment

Easy to operate height adjustment which can be locked for safety. The MegaSlam 72 lowers from regulation 10-feet all the way down to 5-feet, enabling pros of all sizes to dunk all day long. Height adjustment is limited on a standard install, via a safety lock to prevent the hoop being lowered below 7-feet.

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - Heavy-Duty Basketball Hardware - Strong Gussets

Solid Base Equals Stable Hoop

The main column of the MegaSlam 72 is reinforced with 12 gussets, dwarfing the competition in strength. The heavy-duty MegaSlam systems stay true from the ground up, built on a rock-solid base.

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - All Weather Protection

Unrivalled Weather Protection

Every Mega Slam 72 is ready for the rigours of European weather. Hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware sees the Mega Slam 72 through all seasons. Hard-wearing home basketball hoops to last a lifetime.

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - No-Break Backboard Protection

No-Break Backboard Protection®

Play related breaks will never happen, so there’s a lifetime warranty for all play related incidents. Sometimes things go wrong on home basketball court and the MegaSlam’s tempered glass backboard can break. Mega Slam Hoops offer a one-time replacement guarantee for non-play related incidents.

Coach Maitland on Mega Slam

Coach Maitland on Mega Slam

Mega Slam 72 Review

Mega Slam 72 Review

What’s In The Box?

From hassle free shipping and delivery to years of guaranteed play, Mega Slam Hoops deliver the best possible experience.

  • Rust-resistant galvanised steel
  • 2”-thick custom-fitted pole padding
  • Gusset padding
  • Backboard padding
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Anchor kit with (4) J-bolts and rebar
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No-Break Backboard Protection®
  • 8″ x 6″ monster-sized, 5-gauge steel main pole
  • Regulation-sized 72”-wide backboard with ½”- thick tempered glass
  • 180° Pro Flex Rim with multi-directional break-away design
  • 1 UV coated net
  • Upper and lower adjustable steel arms
  • 2 lift-assist cylinders
  • Height actuator and adjustable crank
  • 2” – thick padding for main pole and base
  • 1” – thick backboard padding

Installation Guides

See what’s required to install your Mega Slam Hoop

Lifetime Warranty

Systems are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Shipping & Delivery

Roadside delivery directly from our warehouse

Mega Slam 72 Technical Specifications


Maximum System Height (top of backboard): 12.8 ft
Adjustable Rim Height: 5 ft-10 ft
Total System Weight: 745 lbs
Total Width: 72″
Depth (overhang) at 10 ft: 48″
Depth (overhang) at 7.5 ft: 60″
Depth (overhang) at 5 ft: 56″


72″ x 42″
72″-wide regulation pro-style backboard
½-inch regulation pro-style tempered glass
Clear-view backboard design (clearer than competition H-frame style)

180° PRO RIM™
Pro Ring Design
18″ Diameter
25.3″ Depth (from backboard)
1100 lbs of Torque


Adjusts to any height between 5 ft -10 ft

At 10 ft = 48″
At 7.5ft = 60″
At 5 ft = 56″

2 double spring loaded cylinders

Easy-turn handle is removable


Thickest in industry

Monster-sized for every game

Attaches directly to lower extension arm

745 lbs



Hot dip zinc galvanization + powder coated steel.

Rust protection on nuts and bolts (anchor bolts are galvanized).

Support bolt fits in reinforced main pole.

2″ steel perimeter frame

2″ diecast aluminum backboard frame


Recessed net attachment system to rim

Insert stop pin to limit height to 7.5 feet

Custom-fitted for pole and base
Protects heads for play underneath

Mega Slam 72 Installation

Check out the main steps required to install a Mega Slam 72 Hoop. Make sure you’re aware of every step involved when installing your system. Correct installation ensures a lifetime of fun. Follow the links to download detailed installation instructions for your model.

MegaSlam - Installation - Plan and Prepare

1. Plan & Prep

Pick the perfect spot for your hoop to live. The Mega Slam 72 has an overhang of 48″. Note: Hitting a below-ground utility service by accident is no fun. Be sure to check the ground for service routes before and during digging.

2. Dig & Pour

Dig a 1.25m deep hole and fill it with concrete to build the foundation for your in-ground hoop. It will take a lot of concrete, so be ready. Check your detailed instructions before you start digging.

3. Level Your Anchor

After 72 hours of drying concrete, it’s time to make sure to level the system. You want a level the system because it will play true. Watch our video on how to level the anchor.

4. Install Your System

If you’re planning on installing a Mega Slam Hoop yourself, you’d better call some back-up. The systems are heavy, like really very heavy and require at least 3 strong people to lift a large glass backboard. Each model is a little different, so reference your manual.

MegaSlam -Installation - Start Slamming

5. Start Slamming

The very second you tighten the last screw, it’s time to start jamming.

Home Basketball Hoop - Mega Slam Hoops

Mega Slam Hoops Shipping & Delivery

Mega Slam Hoops - Order Confirmation

1. Confirm Your Order

Congrats on ordering your new hoop. Now look for an email that has your order details.

Mega Slam Hoops - Arrange Delivery

2. Dispatch & Delivery

You will receive confirmation of your order dispatch, this will include the prospective delivery timescale.

Mega Slam Hoops - Curbside Delivery

3. Make Room For Your Hoop

Mega Slam basketball systems are big (up to 340 kgs) and the shipping pallet takes up quite a bit of space when delivered.

Mega Slam Shipping Boxes

4. Inspect Your Hoop Delivery

Based on the size of your order, make sure the correct number of boxes are strapped to each pallet (every system arrives on one pallet with clearly numbered boxes). It’s okay if some of the boxes have dents or are torn. Our systems are rugged and will survive minor damage to the boxes.

Mega Slam Hoops - Signed Delivery

5. Sign To Release Your Delivery

Now, your friendly delivery specialist will ask for a signature to release your basketball system. If there is any visible damage to the boxes (or the system), please document the specific damage on the delivery sheet and take photos before you sign.
If any items have been damaged, accept the delivery and immediately contact us. Include any photos within the email and we will expedite delivery of replacement parts.


Once your hoop is delivered it's time for installation.

Mega Slam 72 FAQ

How high is a basketball hoop?

Professional basketball hoops are 10 feet tall or 3.048m.
Back in 1891 when James Naismith invented basketball, he used peach baskets hung running track railings which were 3.048m high.

What is the height adjustment range of the Mega Slam 72?

The Mega Slam 72 adjustable basketball system is suitable for all ages and skill levels. The height range can be adjusted anywhere from 1.5m to 3.048m. The mechanism incorporates a safety pin which when engaged, will prevent the hoop from lowering beyond 2.28m.
Height Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Is DIY installation possible with a Mega Slam 72?

You can install your own Mega Slam 72. The backboard and main column are very heavy (300kg+), so if you’re up for the challenge of installing it yourself, make sure you have some friends along to help with the lifting.


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