Hoopsidia x Mega Slam Basketball Hoops

by Scott

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Say Bonjour To Hoopsidia OnCourt’s New Ambassador in France

Hoopsidia joins the OnCourt ranks in indomitable style with the Hoopscourt in St Apollinaire, Dijon, France. Revamping an old court space can only be done to the maximum with Mega Slam Hoops.

A Public Playground in My Name

Probably the hardest secret for me to keep, after months of work, I have the honour and pride to present the HOOPSCOURT. A public playground, open to all, all levels, all ages, all origins. I am lucky to have been chosen as an OnCourt ambassador, that’s why you will find premium Mega Slam hoops, never seen before in France, on the HOOPSCOURT. I invite you to come and test, personally I had never played on baskets of this quality.

This project was of course impossible without the help of the Town of St Apollinaire, which, let it be said, was decisive, especially for the improvements to come. Thank you to all the ones who helped, and special mention to Cyril who offered the tracing but who above all listened to all my comments!

The most smart will have recognized the location, it is on this land that I surprised @brooocck to announce to him that he was a finalist of Pimp My Court, for the others, you will find this land at Fort de la Redoute, at Saint Apollinaire.

We meet to inaugurate this dream on June 29 at 6 p.m., I have planned dunks, guests and game!

Thank you all for your support for more than 5 years, it’s a consecration, it’s one more goal checked, next step, an indoor court?