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The Ultimate Residential Basketball Experience

Bring your backyard to life with an OnCourt home basketball court installation. Play on a professional grade court surface in your own back garden with Traction² sports tiles. Add a mighty Mega Slam Hoop to create the ultimate residential basketball experience.

OnCourt Basketball Square-Court with Mega Slam Hoop

Key Benefits of Back Garden Basketball

  • Know where your kids are playing and get to know their friends.
  • Modular system designed and customised to fit your family and your budget.
  • Spend more time playing basketball and less time on maintenance.
  • Watch your kids grow into champions on their own court
Full Basketball Court

Checklist for your backyard basketball court

  • Court sub-base – Precision finished reinforced concrete sub-structure
  • Court surface – Traction² outdoor modular sports tiles for unrivalled safety
  • Hoop system – Dunk-Proof Mega Slam Premium Basketball Hoops
  • Court lighting – Light up the night with the Mega Slam Game Light
  • Court audio – Your favourite beats OnCourt with the Audio Bracket

What Size are Home Basketball Courts?

Home Basketball court dimensions can vary according to available space. From small free-throw shooting courts to giant full size installations, court sizes can be compared in the 3D Basketball Court Configurator. Garden basketball court sizes start with the free throw court, stepping up through 3×3 inspired half courts and full courts from 17 x 24 m.

Basketball Court Tech Specs Example
Flat Level Basketball Court Sub-Base

The Importance Of A Flat, Level Sub-Base

Consistent and true ball response is critical to achieve the best basketball playing surface. Ensuring sub-structures are finished within a flatness tolerance of 3mm in any 3m radius, guarantees the best performance from polymeric surfaces such as Traction tiles.
The job of installing a precision finished sub-structure can be completed by an approved OnCourt sub-base installer or we can supply technical specification for a self-build project, to be completed by you or your preferred contractor.
Fully Managed Court Installations begin by booking a site survey after configuring your court.

Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

Outdoor basketball court surface options include tarmac and concrete courts. Both can be enhanced immeasurably by the addition of a polymeric modular sports tile surface. OnCourt’s Traction² tiles are the best possible outdoor sports surface, designed to mimic the ball response of an indoor spring-loaded gym. You can order a sample pack of Traction² sports tiles, featuring printed game lines and unique anti-slip traction coating.

Traction² Basketball Court Surface - Squirrel Grey - Traffic Red

Premium Dunk-Proof Home Basketball Hoops

Height adjustable in-ground basketball hoops for serious ballers from Mega Slam Hoops.

MegaSlam 72 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 72


MegaSlam 60 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 60


Home Basketball Court Lighting

Light up the night with the Game Light from Mega Slam Hoops. The powerful 12k LED light throws ample lumens for late night layups. The latest LED lighting technology means the Game Light won’t draw a foul on your energy bill!

Basketball Court Audio Bracket

Mega Slam Hoops Court Audio

The link between hoops and hip hop is realised in the Mega Slam Audio Bracket. Bring all the family’s favourite beats OnCourt featuring shot-proof housing for the awesome Bose 251 Environment Speakers (not included). The bracket is compatible with the Mega Slam 60 and 72.

Configure your home basketball court in immersive 3D