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The Ultimate Outdoor Basketball Experience

Traction² outdoor basketball surfacing paired with heavy-duty Mega Slam Hoops makes for a formidable on court combination. Before you buy a basketball court surface, you’ll need a hard, flat and level sub-base to ensure consistent ball response and the best possible performance. Learn more about self-build projects and fully-managed court installations.

onCourt Red Traction Tile
Traction Sports Flooring

The Next Step In Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring

Traction² aims to reduce the frequency of injuries to back, ankle and knee joints with sock attenuating technologies. Vertical flex in the tile structure allows for slight downward compression, mimicking an indoor gym floor. Lateral movement generated by planted feet is cushioned by reverse-spring tensioned expansion joints. In comparison with bare concrete, athletes of all ages and abilities soon identify the benefit of the modular basketball court tile surface, being able to train harder for longer, with reduced risk of joint injury.

Mega Slam Hoops Premium Basketball Hoops

Premium Basketball Hoops

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