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Traction² Modular Surfaces X Mega Slam Hoops

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The Ultimate Outdoor Basketball Experience

Traction² outdoor basketball surfacing paired with heavy-duty Mega Slam Hoops makes for a formidable on court combination. Before you buy a basketball court surface, you’ll need a hard, flat and level sub-base to ensure consistent ball response and the best possible performance. Learn more about self-build projects and fully-managed court installations.

MegaSlam 72 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 72


MegaSlam 60 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 60




Mighty Mega Slam Hoops

Premium dunk-proof basketball hardware

Backyard home basketball courts

Bring your backyard to life with an OnCourt home basketball court installation.
Know where your kids are playing and get to know their friends with a modular system designed and customised to fit your family and your budget. Spend more time playing basketball and less time on screens and sofas. Watch your kids grow into champions in their own backyard. Read our Complete Guide to Home Basketball Courts.

OnCourt Basketball Square-Court with Mega Slam Hoop

Basketball courts for events

OnCourt work with leading brands, teams and agencies such as Nike, Red Bull and the Canary Wharf Trust, to provide game courts for marketing experiential, branded sports content, live events and studio productions. Learn more about OnCourt basketball event installations.

Traction² Basketball Court Surface - Squirrel Grey - Golden Yellow

Configure Your Court In Immersive 3D

Select court size, colours, premium hoops and court components