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Dropping a basketball half court from the future.. Are you ready?

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Basketball Court Dimensions And Sizes

Basketball court sizes can vary more than many sports. The focal area of the key has enabled condensed versions of the game, played on ‘half courts’…

All Weather Basketball Hoops

Every Mega Slam Hoop is ready for the rigours of the good old British weather. Hot-dipped galvanized steel sees the Mega Slams through all seasons..

Before You Buy A Cheap Basketball Hoop

Some hoops hang around for a year or two, some hoops don’t even last that long. Here’s the lowdown on what to consider before you buy a cheap portable hoop.

Introducing Coach Maitland

Gary Maitland is a Professional Basketball Skills Coach with a rich experience in working with male and female professional athletes, National Team players, NCAA student-athletes…

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