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by Scott

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Professional basketball skills coaching

Gary Maitland is a Professional Basketball Skills Coach with a rich experience in working with male and female professional athletes, National Team players, NCAA student-athletes and younger basketball enthusiasts who aspire to compete at higher levels.

Introducing Coach Maitland with the lowdown on Mega Slam Hoops

“Specificity. When I work with athletes, it’s crucial that they know I’m not going to waste their time. I study my clients to ensure my sessions are purposeful and reflect the actions they are expected to perform in a competitive environment.”

Coach Maitland - Basketball Skills Coach

High-level Basketball Coaching

OnCourt first connected with Coach Maitland during a Red Bull Reign event where we provided the basketball court surface and hoop system and Gary provided the high-level coaching. We’ve since installed a mighty Mega Slam 72 for Coach on his home basketball court, which you can see in the video above.

Coach Maitland

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