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What Is The Best Flood Light For Basketball Courts At Home?

Lighting can be a great addition to any home basketball court, providing post-dusk drama and extending playing time into the night. Flood lights are unnecessary for most compact back garden half courts. Low-lying garden lights are likely to add glare and coverage will be poor at the 3m hoop height. So what is the best flood lighting for basketball courts at home?

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Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Standards Differ For Home Courts

With improved lighting standards, high pressure sodium and huge metal halide stadium lights are largely a thing of the past. Sports lighting, assessed against televised event standards, can easily be oversold for backyard basketball lighting, where a simple, one light solution will often suffice. Compact basketball court light fixtures with modern LEDs positioned above the hoop are excellent for lighting half courts in residential settings.

12K-LUMEN-LED-LIGHT - Basketball Court Light

Home Basketball Court Lighting For Extra Safety

Aspiring ballers of all ages can push the needle on practice and find themselves victims of a trip after the sun sets. Without adequate illumination, innocent bystanders won’t see wayward shots and without uniformity of light, playing in shadows or glare can be an uncomfortable challenge.

Backyard Basketball Court Lighting for Spectators

Home basketball lighting isn’t only for the players. Even in the absence of a regular sell-out crowd on home courts, there’s often a keen spectator wanting to watch, but after dusk, it’s impossible. Conversely, residential basketball court lighting shouldn’t light up the entire neighbourhood, it’s doubtful everyone in your street wants to watch the game!

Introducing The Game Light from Mega Slam Hoops. 

The Game Light from Mega Slam Hoops adds an aura of awesome to late night hoops on home basketball courts. Fixed securely to the Mega Slam’s mighty main column, the light looms an impressive 5.3 metres above the court, casting it’s 12k lumens in a powerful but unobtrusive glow. Shooting is in no way impeded by the Game Light’s presence and the rock-solid fixture will withstand errant shooting efforts until your late night practice starts to pay off.

Basketball Court Lighting FAQ

Do I need a flood light for a home basketball court?

No you don’t. Modern LED lighting means metal halide and high pressure sodium floodlights aren’t necessary to illuminate a compact garden basketball court.

How many lights do I need for a basketball court?

Compact home courts can be lit with lighting above the hoop. The Gamelight illuminates enough of the key and beyond to enable play on the darkest of nights.

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