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Professional basketball skills coaching

Gary Maitland is a Professional Basketball Skills Coach with a rich experience in working with male and female professional athletes, National Team players, NCAA student-athletes and younger basketball enthusiasts who aspire to compete at higher levels.

Introducing Coach Maitland with the lowdown on Mega Slam Hoops

High-level coaching

OnCourt first connected with Coach Maitland during a Red Bull Reign event where we provided the basketball court surface and hoop system and Gary provided the high-level coaching.
We’ve since installed a mighty Mega Slam 72 for Coach on his home basketball court, which you can see in the video above.


Catch Coach Maitland in person

You can catch up with Coach Maitland at the OnCourt basketball court installation in Canary Wharf during June and July, where he’ll be involved in all manner of basketball activities.

Yinka x OnCourt at Bank Street Park in Canary Wharf

Catch Coach Maitland online


Coach Maitland - Professional Basketball Skills Coach

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