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Professional Outdoor Basketball Hoops Built To Last A Lifetime In Any Weather

Every Mega Slam Hoop is ready for the rigours of the good old British weather. Hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware sees the Mega Slams through all seasons. Before you buy a cheap portable hoop which will only last a year or two in the UK weather, consider the long term cost benefits of a system with a lifetime warranty.

Thick Rust Protection

Hot dipping steel during the galvanization ensures a 10-15 times thicker rust-protection coating than the methods other manufacturers use. It provides a superb seal which deters rain, snow or the occasional spell of blistering sunshine.

After the hot dip, a healthy powder-coat is applied which gives the steel that great, sleek, black finish. The powder coat also adds an additional layer of protection in the battle against the elements.

MegaSlam Basketball Hoops - All Weather Protection

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