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Configure Your Home Basketball Court in Stunning 3D

The OnCourt 3D Basketball Court Configurator App enables you to choose all aspects of your dream basketball court. Pick a size, choose your key and court colours, select your Mega Slam Hoop, add accessories and court components before choosing between fully-managed and self-build installation.

1. Select Your Court Size

Choose from small key courts, 3on3 Half courts or full scale basketball courts. The 3D court builder app lets you choose sizing based on available space. Select length and width in the drop downs for your project space. For help with basketball court sizing: Basketball Court Dimensions

3d basketball court configurator court size

2. Traction Colour Choices

Traction game tiles can be configured in a huge variety of combinations. Striking, vibrant colours or subtle mid-tones and greys. It’s all subjective, so jump in and play with key, court and run-off colours.. The ball’s in your court..

3d basketball court configurator colours

3. Which Mega Slam Hoop?

Next step is to choose your basketball hoop. Both Mega Slam models are the cream of the crop. If you’re slamming in more confined space or pushing your budget, the Mega Slam 60 is a great hoop. The monster 72 inch model is the hoop of choice when space allows.

3d basketball court configurator hoops

4. Pick Your Components

Now it’s time to pick from our components to compliment your court. The Mega Slam Audio Bracket and Game Light are difficult to ignore. Expand the use of your court by adding the Multi-Sport Net System and high-quality Fustal Goals for the inevitable kick-about.

3d basketball court configurator components

5. Installation Options

Self-Build or Fully-Managed Installation. Let OnCourt take the strain from what can be a challenging build. Alternatively select Self managed installation and we will provide all the required info for you or your preferred contractor to build your court sub-base.

3d basketball court configurator installation