9.5 x 9.5 m Basketball Key Court

from: £6,849.90

Square off OnCourt with the 9.5 x 9.5 m Basketball Key Court. Great compact area for fun and practice with enough space for 2 on 2 competitive basketball. The square is a popular game court for family basketball and offers a great training space for aspiring ballers.

The Ultimate Outdoor Basketball Experience

36×36 Traction² sports tiles spanning 9.5 m of 3 point arc and loads of room for 4 players, ideal for families of bball fans. Combine the square court with your choice of Basketball Hoop, add the Game Light (pictured here) and Court Audio Bracket for OnCourt sounds. Traction² court tiles are available to configure in a mix of 19 UV resistant colours. Durable, striking line markings are printed not painted. The ultimate game court for your back garden.

Mega Slam Game Light Home Basketball Court Lighting

Square Basketball Court Dimensions

9.46 m / 31 ft9.46 m / 31 ft

The square is a popular game court for family basketball, offering a great training space for aspiring ballers. For more info on court sizes visit: Basketball Court Dimensions

Square Court Concrete Sub-Base

Traction² court tiles play best on concrete sub-structures. OnCourt install precision finished pads, ensuring flatness is within a tolerance of 3 mm in any 3 m radius. A site survey is required to establish costs for a fully managed court sub-base installation. The fee for the site survey is then redeemed against the final cost of your project.

Sub-Base ConstructionCosts
Site Survey Booking Fee
*Redeemed against final project cost
Fully Managed Court Installation
**Subject to Site Survey

Costs For Self-Build Customers

Self-build customers can complete the sub-base construction independently and pay only for the surface and components. The total project price will depend on the elements you choose in the configurator; Game Light, Net Protect etc. and how much your sub-base construction costs.

Court Configuration ExampleCosts
Traction² Court Surface£4,899.95
Mega Slam 60 Hoop£1,949.95
Traction² Basketball Cout Surface - Squirrel Grey - Signal Orange