6.5 x 9.5 m Outdoor Basketball Key Court

from: £5,559.95

Become the king of the charity stripe with a Small Basketball Key Court. Practice free throws with freedom, in your own back garden. Add a Net Protect to save the flowerbeds and a Game Light for illumination. Nothing beats OnCourt beats with the Court Audio Bracket.

The Key To Better Basketball

Similar in size to a driveway but considerably more fun, this small basketball key court is brilliant for basketball fans with limited space. Master layups, free throws and central 3 pointers, with room for 2 -3 players for training drills. It’s a tough choice between the Mega Slam Hoop systems, both of which are awesome on this court. Add a Futsal Goal and Multi-Sport Net System for a mini multi-sport game court.

Oxide Red Basketball Key Court

Compact Key Court Dimensions

This compact game court is approximately the same size as the average driveway, incorporating a FIBA regulation key and a section of the 6.75 m 3 point arc. For more help with measurements and sizes: Basketball Court Dimensions.

9.46 m / 31 ft6.38 m / 21 ft
6.38 x 9.46m MS72 Basketball Court Concrete Specs

Key Court Concrete Sub-Base Specifications

Traction² court tiles play best when installed on a reinforced concrete sub-base. Fully Managed Court Projects begin with a site survey to establish accurate costs for the sub-base installation. The Site Survey Booking Fee is redeemed against the final cost of your project.

Sub-Base ConstructionCosts
Site Survey Booking Fee
*Redeemed against final project cost
Fully Managed Court Installation
**Subject to Site Survey
Traction² Basketball Court Sub-Base Cross-Section Grass Green.png

Self-Build Costs

The costs for the Traction² surface, hoop system and components are available in the configurator. Self-build customers can complete the sub-base construction independently and pay only for the surface and components.

Court Configuration ExampleCosts
Traction² Court Surface£3,399.95
Mega Slam 72 Hoop£2,399.95
Traction² Basketball Cout Surface - Squirrel Grey Grass Green