5.5 x 7.5 m Basketball Free Throw Court

from: £4,899.95

Free throws for days in your own backyard with this compact basketball key court. Hone your skills in safety at home on Traction² sports tiles and a dunk-proof Mega Slam 60 hoop. Practice makes perfect on a Traction² pro grade surface, providing a great introduction to the game for aspiring stars. 

Shoot Domestic Deuces All Day

There’s no shots from ‘Downtown’ on this diminutive court but you’ll be the boss of the charity stripe when it comes to game day. Sinking domestic deuces from the free throw line will become 2nd nature with your own key court for practice. 2 or more players can enjoy this court, alley-oops might be a challenge but it’s great for residential rebound practice.

Free Throw Court Dimensions

This compact game court provides ample room for free throws but stops short of 3 points. The court is just a little bigger than the size of the key on a regulation size FIBA court. For more help with measurements and sizes: Basketball Court Dimensions.

7.5 m / 25 ft5.35 m / 18 ft
5.35 x 7.4m MS60 Basketball Court Dimensions

Free Throw Court Concrete Sub-Base

Traction² court tiles play best when installed on a reinforced concrete sub-base. Fully Managed Court Projects begin with a site survey to establish accurate costs for the sub-base installation. The Site Survey Booking Fee is redeemed against the final cost of your project.

Sub-Base ConstructionCosts
Site Survey Booking Fee
*Redeemed against final project cost
Fully Managed Court Installation
**Subject to Site Survey

Self-Build Costs

The costs for the Traction² surface, hoop system and components are available in the configurator. Self-build customers can complete the sub-base construction independently and pay only for the surface and components.

Court Configuration ExampleCosts
Traction² Court Surface£2,299.95
Mega Slam 60 Hoop£1,949.95
Traction² Basketball Court Surface - Squirrel Grey - Traffic Red