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Fully Managed Court Installation

Fully managed court installation begins by configuring your court, selecting ‘Fully Managed Installation’ and booking a Site Survey with one of our nationwide approved court builders.

Request A Site Survey

Site surveys are concerned with assessing material drop off points, plant machinery access and any other issues that could impact on the cost of your sub-base installation. You will be guided to book your site survey via the 3D court configurators when you select the Fully Managed Installation option.
We do charge a nominal fee (currently £179.95) for our site surveys, which is then subtracted from the final quotation.

Accurate Sub-Base Installation Costs

Once your Site Survey has been completed, OnCourt will liaise with your installer to accurately cost the sub-base installation element of your project. You will then be furnished with a full and accurate quotation minus the initial Site Survey Booking Fee.

If you or your preferred contractor wish to install your court sub-base yourself, select the ‘Self-Managed Installation‘ option in the 3D court builder.
The 3rd option is ‘Court Resurfacing’. Sub-base suitability is critical if you’re looking to resurface an existing hard-stand, many of which, will not be appropriate for our precision sports surfacing.