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From Mini to Massive MUGAs

Traction² Modular Sports Tiles for basketball, futsal and more, or MUGA Pro Synthetic Sports Turf for football, tennis and hockey.
Bring your back garden or business to life with a MUGA installation.


Home Multi-Sports Courts

Residential multi-sports courts are a great investment for families of sports fans. Bring the games home with all your favourite sports on the same court. The OnCourt Multi-Sport Net System, compatible with the mighty Mega Slam Hoops means you can enjoy tennis, badminton volleyball and more, all in one MUGA.

Outdoor MUGA Sports Surfaces

MUGA Pro Synthetic Sports Turf or Traction Modular Sports Tiles? Both surfaces are long-lasting and low maintenance and tested to conform to the highest standards of World sporting bodies, FIFA ITF etc.
Which Surface is right for you depends mainly on the sports you’re planning to enjoy. Traction is perfect for basketball and futsal, playing as a fast tennis surface. MUGA Pro grass offers unparalleled stability and consistent performance for a wide range of sports. Basketball is fine on the short pile grass, but a solid concrete sub-base is a must.

OnCourt Multi-Sports Synthetic Sports Turf Option

Multi-Sport Mega Slam Hoops

OnCourt’s Mega Slam systems feature pre-drilled sockets to connect to the Multi-Sport Net System. It’s Mega!

MegaSlam 72 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 72


MegaSlam 60 - OnCourt
MegaSlam 60


Multi-Sport Court Components

All your favourite sports on the same court with the awesome Multi-Sport Net System, premium foldable goals and height-adjustable Mega Slam Hoops. The rock-solid net system fixture comes with net lengths for every MUGA imaginable.

Make your own MUGA

Design your dream court in immersive 3D

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